A little about me

Hello everyone,

My name is Eveline and i’m 22 years old.I read my first historical romance book at 15 i think and that’s only because i found it by accident on my mother’s bookshelf.There was this beautiful half naked man on the cover so i decided that i should find out what this book is about not expecting too much.And i was wrong.

I fell in love with it.I fell in love with the charming and amusing hero,the shy but determined heroine and their amazing love story.

Even now,seven years later,my favourite thing to do is curl up in my chair with a good historical romance book and a cup of hot chocolate.

I made this blog in hope of finding new friends who are as passionate as i am about this genre.I’m planning to post reviews,lists of favourite books and also not so favourite.

I would be very happy to meet you,so please say hi and i would love to hear what your favourite books are.

Hope you have a wonderful day,










15 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. lupa08 says:

    Hi Eveline, nice to meet you, and welcome to the blogosphere! Historical romance is one of my favorite sub-genres and I hope we will get to exchange many inputs and references on the books out there. I followed you back so we may keep in touch 🙂

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  2. Cozynookbks says:

    Hi Eveline. It’s nice to meet you. You recently followed my blog, Cozynookbks. Thank you.
    I enjoy historical fiction/romance too. I enjoy Julie Klassen and KataLynne McCrory, specifically her book Bluebells in the Mourning. Ohh…how I adored that book. I’m l

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      • Cozynookbks says:

        No, I haven’t read that one. But I really enjoyed The Secret of Pembrooke Park, and The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill. I’m going to be starting the sequel to Ivy Hill as soon as I receive my advance copy, it’s called The Ladies of Ivy Cottage.

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