Day 2 of december book challenge

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Day 2-Shortest book you read

Hello everyone and welcome to day 2 of december book challenge.

Today i’m going to talk about the shortest book i read in 2017 and that is Unlocked by Courtney Milan.11430898

I went into this book not expecting too much because i didn’t believe the author could convince us of the connection and love between the hero and heroine in just 100 pages.But surprisingly i found the story and the love between the main characters more convincing than in other longer books that i read.

p039wz3xp03dmnvpThe heroine of this book,Lady Elaine Warren entered her first London season like a beaming light of happines,hope and excitement.Evan Carlton,the powerful and popular Earl of Westfeld,notices her and is immediately drawn to her but because of his immaturity and his fear of people mocking him he starts making fun of her at every ball until she becomes the joke of London society.2FC5F71900000578-3383909-image-m-67_1451918095157

Evan,seeing the terrible mistake he did and unsure of what to do decides to leave England and returns 10 years later when his father dies.

He is expected to re-enter society and finds that everyone and everything is the same as the day he left.He has changed but unfortunately the society is still the same,mean and full of prejudice,still laughing at Lady Elaine with the same jokes that he invented 10 years ago.

Evan,realizes that all the feelings he had towards Elaine haven’t changed so he decides to do what he should have done all those years ago and apologize to her.giphy

But she doesn’t accept his apology so he decides to spend more time with her,try to repair what he destroyed and the more time he spends with her the deeper in love he falls.p03dmq11

My favourite scene in this book was the one involving the red dress and this magical quote:

“Over the years, everyone
stumbles. That’s why I’ll be here for you—and you’ll be there for me. I don’t
expect perfection. I want you, and you’re a thousand times better.”dress

See you again tommorow for day 3 of december book challenge.

Hope you have a wonderful day,


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