Day 5 and 6 of december book challenge

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Day 5 and 6-Books with beautiful covers,Newest fictional boyfriends

Hello everyone,grab a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable because today we are talking about something beautiful,something sexy,something swoonworthy and that is fictional boyfriends and beautiful(aka sexy) book covers.

Let’s start with some of my favourite book covers:

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Also i found the work of a romance illustrator called Jon Paul and let me say the covers are perfection.It’s like the heaven of romance book covers.I’ll show you some of the pictures below and you can find more on his website

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Now let’s move on to an even more interesting subject and that is fictional boyfriends.

I have many fictional boyfriends but as the years passed only one stayed at the top of the list and that is Derek Craven from Dreaming of you by Lisa Kleypas.

David Gandy Live Magazine 2012 by Ian Derry (4)fefcae6e35497777c4359a4f367f8440

I know i’m supposed to talk about the fictional boyfriends of 2017 but i really don’t want to miss this oportunity to mention him as my favourite hero and ,,boyfriend”(i wish:)) )

Also ladies,David Gandy,is this man hot or not?I’m really curious how many of you see him when you read about a tall,dark and handsome hero?Is it only me?

Let me know who your fictional boyfriends are,i would love to hear it.

Have a wonderful day,


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