Day 8 and 9 of december book challenge

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Day 8 and 9-New favourite female characters and books that made me happy

Hello everyone,today i’m going to talk about some of my favourite female characters that i encountered in 2017.

Pauline Simms from Any duchess will do by Tessa Dare


0a7fe527024d3a4f0ef8d86ac4a27371Pauline Simms works as a barmaid at The Bull and Blossom,a tea room by day and tavern by night.She has a strong character,is very loyal and cusses like she lived with sailors for years.Pauline knows she wants something more from life and tries to make her dreams possible for her and also for her sister.She,of course,never dreamed that becoming a duchess was what the future holded for her.


Abigail Carrington from the The devil’s love by Julia London

My_imageDreaming of a great romantic love,Abigail Carrington sails to England to marry the man she has loved since she was a child.She believes her soon to be husband is generous and kind and can hardly wait for the moment to be reunited with her.But the man she finds is dark and full of secrets and as soon as they are married in a rush,abandons her at the country estate.Her only hope that their marriage might someday become what she always imagined is his passionate kiss.


Books that made me happy in 2017

Hope you have a wonderful day,


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